Canadian Exchange

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What is the Canadian Exchange Program?

Dating back to 1972 the Revere Youth Hockey program participated in a hockey exchange event with the city of Chambly in the Province of Quebec, Canada. Nearly 50 years later, the tradition is as strong as ever.

The program is split into two weekend events.  In November, the Chambly program comes to Revere and in March, the East Coast Junior Patriots travel to Chambly.

Each of these wee

kends consists of:

  • A kickoff 'meet and greet' where families from each program get each other.
  • A fun activity during the weekend where players can hang out and get to know each other and/or catch up from the previous season.
  • 2 scheduled games at each level Mites-Midgets.
  • Food, fun, and activities in the rink all throughout the weekend.

What about boarding players(aka sleepovers)?

One of the most unique and exciting parts of this program is that players (Squirts-Midgets) get an opportunity to pair up with a group of similarly-aged players ('buddy') to sleep over at a 'Host Parent' household.  When parents elect to participate in the program, they will be asked if they are willing to be a Host Parent.

In March, when our program travels to Canada, your player will reunite with their 'buddy' and sleep over at a Canadian Host Parent's household.

Can I still participate if my child is a Mite?

Yes! Mite families are strongly encouraged to participate. The experience will be identical however, the player will not sleep over at a Host Parent home.  When traveling to Canada, your Mite will stay with you in your hotel and participate in all other activities the same as the rest of the program.

What is involved in being a Host Parent?

Groups of players are typically between 4 and 6.  You must be able to accommodate these many children in your home and be able to transport those children safely to and from activities throughout the weekend.

Can non-playing family members participate?

Yes.  Non-playing family members are able to participate in the meet and greet event as well as events that happen at the rink throughout the weekend, however, they will not be able to participate in the sleepover or games. When traveling to Canada, many families bring siblings, grandparents and other close family members to share in the experience.  These family members would stay in the hotel with you while in Canada.

How does the program travel to Canada?

There are two ways in which you can travel. You can choose to provide your own transportation for your player and family or you can ride one of the busses that the program will charter.  The cost of the bus travel is typically between $80-$100 per person for a round trip. Non-playing family members are allowed to ride the bus as well.

Do all members of my family need a Passport to travel to Canada?

Yes.  All those traveling to Canada will need a passport.  If you need to order a passport or reinstitute an expired passport, the lead time is about 4-6 weeks.  Please be sure to have this arranged long before we travel in March.  If you are looking for nearby locations to obtain your passport, you can visit Melrose City Hall or Stoneham Town Hall.

Can I help with organizing any of the events for our host weekend in Revere?

Yes, please talk with your team parent or with Gerry Vistonti to find out how you can help.